Ansareo implements a real-time decision support system to optimize the coordinated operation of the primary sanitation network of the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium

Contract awarded by the Bilbao Water Consortium with Next Generation EU funds

The main function of the Galindo-Lamiako system is to intercept, transport and purify urban and industrial wastewater generated in the metropolitan area of Bilbao.

The objective is to try to maximize the online or offline storage of excess water that enters the system and that cannot be treated and minimize overflows in rainy weather. Furthermore, depending on the time of year, summer or winter, the network is operated to try to store excess water in one or other areas of the network to minimize the impact of overflows in the beach area.

Currently considered priority boundary conditions:

– Protection of bathing areas (beach area)

– The protection of recreational areas (central Bilbao area)

– Minimizing the ecological impact of overflows

– Optimization of the operation of the WWTP and Lamiako header pumps

The enormous amount of data available, as well as the high variability of interconnected scenarios, makes it necessary to use big data analysis techniques, software, neural networks, etc. that allow a correct characterization of the behavior of the system. For this reason, Ansareo implements a decision support tool in the operation.

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